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The Policy Analyst will undertake policy research activities under the supervision of the Center’s Director, Susan Dudley, and other GW faculty. The role responsibilities include undertaking short- and long-term research projects related to regulatory issues, examining regulatory practices and specific policies, and writing regulatory policy analyses. The Policy Analyst will conduct both guided and independent research projects, exercise judgment on policy priorities, and analyze regulatory policies from an economic perspective. The Policy Analyst will author and co-author policy commentaries, white papers, articles, and public interest comments submitted to federal regulatory agencies.
Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Analyzes individual regulations, regulatory processes, and regulatory reforms through an economic lens with a focus on the public interest and effect of regulations on consumers. Performs data collection, data analysis, and literature reviews to identify useful tools for measuring regulatory impacts in various industry sectors. Conducts statistical research on patterns or trends in regulation and produces reports tracking regulatory impacts.
  • Examines federal agency docket materials to assess the potential costs and benefits of regulations, and clearly analyzes the tradeoffs, unintended consequences, disparate impacts, and economic effect of proposed and final regulations.
  • Authors and co-authors written research products, including policy commentaries, articles, and public comments.
  • Contributes to RegStats databases and webpages, and identifies new information to add to these programs as necessary. Tracks regulatory agency activity using federal websites and creates databases, tables, charts, graphs, and infographics to accurately represent regulatory trends and Congressional action related to regulatory reform. Clearly communicates these findings to a broad audience of academics, Hill staffers, federal government policy makers, and think tanks.
  • Attends relevant functions and grows an independent network of policy scholars and researchers. Promotes the Regulatory Studies Center brand and research at off-site events.
  • Performs other work-related duties as assigned. Omission of specific duties does not preclude the supervisor from assigning duties that are logically related to the position.

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