Kai Wegrich

Professor of Public Administration and Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin Germany
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Prior to the Hertie School, Wegrich held positions at Humboldt University Berlin, the RAND Corporation (Berlin and Cambridge) and the London School of Economics. Kai Wegrich is a founding member of the specialist group on Executive Politics and Governance of the (UK) Political Studies Association and co-chair of the permanent study group on Performance in the Public Sector of the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA). In January 2011, Kai joined the editorial team of Public Administration as European editor. His main areas of research include comparative public management reform, regulatory reform and core executive governance. Current research projects include “Coordination and Coordination in the Public Sector of the Future” – an evaluation of New Public Management reforms in Europe (carried out by a consortium of 9 European Universities and “Regulatory Analysis and Public Management” (joint book project with Martin Lodge. LSE). Professor Wegrich is a political scientist with degrees from the Free University Berlin Potsdam University.

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