The New European Better Regulation Agenda

Better Regulation Agenda

By Ana Maria Zárate Moreno, Research Assistant

August 17, 2015

European Better Regulation Package

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On May 19, 2015, the European Commission published a new agenda[1] for improving the Union’s rulemaking process. Through the “Better Regulation Package”[2] the Commission established a set of policy changes that seek to improve transparency and participation within the EU’s regulatory process and the quality of new and existing legislation. These changes may be useful for other countries, including the U.S., in their efforts to improve regulatory governance.

These recent changes may be particularly useful for the U.S. as it negotiates a trade and investment agreement with Europe, because, as noted by Susan E. Dudley and Kai Wegrich, “procedural differences in how regulations are analyzed, developed, and enforced must be understood if regulatory cooperation is to be achieved.”[3] This Insight presents the changes introduced by the Europeans and highlights possible actions for improving the U.S. rulemaking process.

The Commission’s new “Better regulation for better results” agenda outlines measures to strengthen the institutions, broaden the scope of better regulation tools, and increase the level of transparency and participation of the EU regulatory system. In doing so, the Commission builds upon previous regulatory reforms in order to restore confidence by seeking “rules that do their job to meet our common objectives – no more, no less.”

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