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Ana Maria Zarate Moreno

One (un)remarkable problem?

November 23, 2015

By Ana Maria Zárate Moreno
11/23/15 - The U.S. Congress and the Executive have implemented different initiatives to evaluate the effectiveness of existing regulations, but despite all these developments, some challenges still exist to systematically conduct retrospective review. There is an ongoing debate on the most effective institutional oversight, procedural requirements and methods needed for a well-functioning retrospective review system. This commentary addresses some of the challenges and argues that inviting program evaluation experts to the regulatory reform debate will be beneficial for the implementation of “retrospective reviews."

Sydney E. Allen

Political Discourse Includes Regulatory Reform

November 18, 2015

By Sydney E. Allen
11/18/15 - Regulation is one of the primary vehicles by which a president can affect public policy without going to Congress. For the women and men vying for the job of president, regulatory reform is a key topic of discussion on the 2016 campaign trail. This commentary provides a review of the presidential candidates’ positions on regulatory reform related to recent debates, speeches and public comments.

Daniel R. Perez

Early Notice from U.S. Agencies Could Help Avoid Creating Barriers to Trade

November 11, 2015

By Daniel R. Pérez
11/11/15 - Countries engaged in international trade and investment have been largely successful at reducing many of the traditional barriers to the flow of goods, such as tariffs. As a result, trade deals are increasingly prioritizing the elimination of unnecessary regulatory differences between trade partners which act as a lingering barrier to trade, creating inefficiencies that unnecessarily raise costs for businesses and consumers. This commentary addresses an important mechanism in successful international regulatory cooperation involving efforts by trade partners to provide advanced notice of upcoming regulations that are likely to affect international trade and investment.

Sofie Miller

Evaluating Retrospective Review of Regulations in 2014

November 04, 2015

By Sofie E. Miller
11/4/15 - Learning from experience is an important part of a healthy regulatory process, so multiple government guidelines instruct agencies to incorporate retrospective review plans into their proposals during the rulemaking process. This commentary reviews our latest research, which finds that agencies are not planning prospectively for ex post analysis of their rules. We provide three recommendations to agencies for building their rules to enable better measurement ex post.

Wallace Oates

Personal reflections on a consummate professor: Wallace Oates, 1937 - 2015

November 03, 2015

By Albert McGartland, Ph.D.
11/3/15 - Guest post by Albert McGartland reflecting on the life of Wallace Oates: I was a first-year grad student at the University of Maryland in 1979 when I learned that Wally Oates was joining the Economics Department and would teach Environmental Economics in the fall. At the time, I harbored no thoughts of a field in Environmental Economics, but nor did I want to pass up an opportunity to learn from one of our leading academics. I decided to take Wally’s course. The rest, as they say, is history. I never looked back.