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Tony Cox

A Causal Analytics Toolkit (CAT) for Assessing Potential Causal Relations in Data

May 10, 2016

5/10/16 - To best inform real-world policy decisions, it is necessary for policy analysts, risk analysts, scientists, and economists to attempt to answer the crucial question: How would changing what we choose to do change the consequences that we care about? In a world of realistically incomplete knowledge and imperfect information, the answer is seldom certain. Risk analyst Tony Cox seeks to answer that question with the new Causal Analytics Toolkit (CAT); a powerful, easy-to-use software that make state-of-the-art causal analytics available to anyone who has Microsoft Excel.

Daniel R. Pérez

Protectionist Rhetoric Continues as U.S. and EU Wrap-Up 13th Round of Trade Talks

May 04, 2016

5/4/16 - The success of populist presidential candidates like Donald Trump is fueled, in part, by a surge in opposition to free trade on both ends of the American political spectrum. Meanwhile, the U.S. and EU continue their negotiation of TTIP aimed at increasing economic growth. A recently published report by the GW Regulatory Studies Center, as part of a two-year grant from the EU to conduct policy research and engage public debate, examines regulatory challenges and opportunities to transatlantic trade.