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Sofie Miller

Leave Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication to Innovators, Not Regulators

November 14, 2017

11/14/17 - Although DOT estimates that its proposed vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V) mandate would facilitate advances in automotive safety, nixing the regulation may be the right call for the progress of technology and safety-driving innovation. There are two reasons why this may be the case: the government has not historically chosen wisely when mandating technical standards, and doing so now could forestall crucial innovations in vehicle communication and safety.

Susan Dudley

New Implications of the Congressional Review Act

November 08, 2017

11/8/17 - The CRA has been getting much attention recently. Not only did President Trump sign his fifteenth resolution disapproving a CFPB regulation last week, but this action marked the first time a president had disapproved a regulation issued during his own tenure. Congress is also taking steps to apply the CRA to guidance documents and other non-APA agency regulatory actions. These recent actions suggest the CRA is likely to continue to influence the development, implementation, and enforcement of regulation.

Zoey Xie

President Trump’s Regulatory Budget Evaluated By Brookings

November 01, 2017

11/1/17 - Brookings recently released a report examining President Trump’s “one-in-two-out” executive order and regulatory budget requirements. The report offers an objective and scholarly analysis of its possible motivations, as well as expected challenges and possible scenarios for its implementation. This commentary illustrates several of its key themes including the rationale for a regulatory budget, President Trump’s regulatory budget compared to similar plans in other countries, and key challenges for the implementation of the regulatory budget.