Richard J. Pierce, Jr.

Professor of Law
Phone: 202-994-1549
[email protected]

Richard Pierce is Lyle T. Alverson Professor of Law at George Washington University. He has written over a dozen books and 120 articles on government regulation and the effects of various forms of government intervention on the performance of markets. His books and articles have been cited in the opinions of numerous agencies and courts, including over a dozen opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Richard Pierce, Jr. CV


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Legal Disputes Related to Climate Change Will Continue for a Century, 42 Env. L. 1257 (2012).

Natural Gas: A Long Bridge to A Promising Destination, 32 Utah Environ. L. Rev. 245 (2012), reprinted at 19 Utilities Law Review 11 (2012) and 19 Environmental Liability 176 (2012).

Rulemaking Ossification Is Real: A Response to “Testing the Ossification Hypothesis,” 80 Geo.W.L.Rev. 1493 (2012).