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Featured Conference Remarks

Susan DudleyReducing Regulatory Barriers to Transatlantic Trade

Susan Dudley & Kai WegrichCross-Cutting Disciplines on Regulatory Coherence and Transparency: A Comparison of U.S. and EU Approaches

Alberto Alemanno: What's next? The Challenges of TTIP Implementation

Richard ParkerFour Recommendations for TTIP Regulatory Cooperation Talks

Paul Verkuil & Reeve Bull: The Administrative Conference's Role in Supporting International Regulatory Cooperation

Anne Meuwese: Panel 'Legislatures and Courts'

Richard PierceA Comparison of the Process of Making Rules in the U.S. and the EU

Elizabeth GolbergBetter Regulation: Impact Assessment and Evaluation in the European Commission

Céline KauffmannThe OECD Perspective on Good Regulatory Practices and International Regulatory Cooperation

Reeve Bull: Answering TTIP's Critics: Regulatory Cooperation in Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Greg SkeltonTransparency is Key to Good Regulatory Practice

Anna Fielder: Consumers Demand a More Transparent TTIP Process

Susan Grant: Protecting Consumers: Don't Let the TTIP Tie Regulators' Hands

Elizabeth GolbergEuropean Commission Consultation Policy

Neil EisnerLessons and Experiences in Regulatory and Trade Cooperation

Don AbelsonLessons and Experiences in Regulatory and Trade Cooperation: Implications for Negotiations on Technical Barriers to Trade

Céline KauffmannInternational Regulatory Cooperation and Trade

Geoffrey Podger: Risk Assessment, Risk Management, and Communication

Jonathan Wiener: The Reality of Precaution and Regulatory Variation in the U.S. and Europe, with Implications for TTIP

Transatlantic Regulatory Issues

Susan Dudley with Amb. O'Sullivan
With support from the European Union, the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center has undertaken a project to conduct policy research and engage public debate to identify and analyze key regulatory challenges and opportunities to transatlantic trade. As part of that project, the Center hosted a conference on "Enhancing the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership: Reducing Regulatory Barriers" on November 19 and 20, 2014 in Washington DC. The conference featured remarks by European Union Ambassador to the United States David O’Sullivan, chief TTIP negotiator Daniel Mullaney, Head of the Trade and Agriculture Section of the EU Delegation Damien Levie, and Senator Rob Portman. In addition, senior EU and US policy officials and regulatory experts, and stakeholders exchanged their perspectives and expertise on panels discussing such topics as regulatory analysis, the role for legislators and courts, risk assessment and risk management, public engagement, and regulatory cooperation. 
To continue the conversation, many of the speakers have written short essays summarizing their remarks. Over the next few weeks, the GW Regulatory Studies Center will post these essays on the conference website. We hope you find these different perspectives and insights useful, and invite you to join in the conversation on Facebook. 
This project is funded in part by the European Union