What's New from the GW Regulatory Studies Center

4/18/19 - Review: How Do Cross-Country Regulatory Systems Affect Poverty?, Reg Insight by Mark Febrizio

4/14/19 - The Post and Courier, Selling Santee Cooper: Competition should be part of the plan, by Jerry Ellig

4/13/19 - The HillHow independent are government agencies? OMB's move on 'major' rules may tell us, by Bridget C.E. Dooling

4/11/19 - Notice & Comment, Improving Regulatory Impact Analysis: The Role of Congress and Courts, Part 3, by Reeve Bull & Jerry Ellig
(Click here for Part 1 & Part 2)

4/5/19 - FCC's New Office Of Economics And Analytics Releases First Working Paper, by Jerry Ellig and Catherine Konieczny

4/5/19 - Real Clear Policy, Ill-Considered Tax Credit Regulation May Put the Squeeze on Charities, Taxpayers, by Jerry Ellig

4/3/19 - Regulation Digest, Vol. 8, No. 13

4/3/19 - Planning for Everything (Besides Death and Taxes), by Susan E. Dudley, Daniel R. Pérez, Brian Mannix, & Christopher Carrigan

4/3/19 - Is GDPR the Right Model for the U.S.? by Aryamala Prasad

3/27/19 - The Eagle and the Dragon: Comparing Government Consultation and Public Participation between the US and China, by Steven J. Balla & Zhoudan Xie