What's New from the GW Regulatory Studies Center

10/7/19 - Are Agencies Responsive To Mass Comment Campaigns?, by Aryamala Prasad

10/2/19 - ‘Big Bad Trusts’ Are a Progressive Myth, by Jerry Ellig & Phil Gramm, Wall Street Journal

10/2/19 - Lost in the Flood?: The Efficacy of Mass Comment Campaigns in Agency Rulemaking, by Steven J. Balla, Alexander R. Beck, Elizabeth Meehan, and Aryamala Prasad

10/2/19 - Bigger Stones for David: Tools to Give OIRA More Leverage in Regulatory Review, by Jerry Ellig

9/27/19 - Where's the Spam? Interest Groups and Mass Comment Campaigns in Agency Rulemaking, by Steven J. Balla, Alexander R. Beck, William C. Cubbison, & Aryamala Prasad

9/17/19 - The Capitalism Paradox, by Susan E. Dudley, Forbes

9/17/19 - Dynamic Benefit-Cost Analysis for Uncertain Futures, by Susan E. Dudley, Daniel R. Pérez, Brian F. Mannix, & Christopher Carrigan

9/16/19 - An OIRA Rule on Rules, by Bridget C.E. Dooling

9/12/19 - David Versus Godzilla: Bigger Stones, by Jerry Ellig & Richard Williams

9/12/19 - Codifying the Cost-Benefit State, by Brian F. Mannix & Bridget C.E. Dooling