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What’s Your Problem? Building an Evidence-Based System of Regulatory Analysis from the Bottom-Up

If regulatory intervention is truly necessary, must it occur at the federal, as opposed to the state or local, level?

How to Engage the Public: OIRA's New Guidance to Agencies

OIRA published new public participation guidance for federal agencies, offering an important new framework for engaging the public in the regulatory process.

Care to Comment? Topics Discussed in Revised Circular A4 Public Comments

Overview of our analysis of the nearly 4,500 public comments received by OMB on its proposed revisions to Circular A-4 guidance on cost-benefit analysis

Biden’s Spring 2023 Unified Agenda

The new agenda largely follows the administration's previous iterations, but it does signal the initiation of rulemakings in several new areas

The Discounting Dilemma

Insight by Brian Mannix submitted as a public interest comment to OMB in response to Draft Circular A-4

Using Distributional Weights in Circular A-4 Would Encourage Wasteful Rent-Seeking

Public interest comment by Visiting Scholar Brian Mannix argues for benefit-cost analysis as a check on administrative discretion

Simpler, More Transparent Analysis Will Make Circular A-4 More Valuable to the Regulatory Process

Public interest comment filed jointly by GW's Christopher Carrigan and Stuart Shapiro of Rutgers University

Circular A-4: A Comparison between the 2023 Draft and the 2003 Circular

Descriptive discussion of major changes in the 2023 Draft compared to the 2003 version

OMB Draft Circular A4: Safeguarding Objective and Evidence-Based Principles for Regulatory Impact Analysis

Public interest comment on the OMB Draft Circular A-4 by Susan Dudley, former Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

Regulating Junk Fees May Harm Consumers

Attempts to eliminate junk fees may harm rather than help both consumers and businesses.