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February 12, 2020 -- Volume 9, Number 6

Features opinions and analysis from Zhoudan Xie, Jennifer Huddleston, Alexis Wichowski, Paul Rosen, and Bridget Dooling.

This week's rulemaking highlights include EPA's update to the renewable fule standard program, DOT's latest on autonomous vehicles, and the CDC's efforts to contain the coronavirus and other threats.

With popular media reports from Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, New York Times, and The Hill. 

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Features opinions and analysis from Jerry Ellig, Amanda Myers, Holman Jenkins, Emily Hamilton, James Broughel, and Josiah Neeley.

Rulemaking highlights include DOT's proposal on traveling with service animals, FAA's approach to registering personal drones, and DOL's rescision of the qualified worker rule.

Plus news from Federal News Network, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and The Hill.


Features opinions and analysis from Cass Sunstein, Marie Sapirie, Greg Ip, Samantha Gross, and Jerry Ellig.

Rulemaking highlights include OMB action on regulatory enforcement, USDA's school food quality, Dept. of State on visas while pregnant, an expensive SEC proposal.

With popular media reports from Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, New York Times, and The Hill. 


Rulemaking from DOL, EPA, CDC, CMS, and a public meeting from GSA.

Opinions from Bruce Schneier, George Shultz, Corlyn Herzog, Justin Fox, and Gregory Squires. 

Research and events from AEI, Bipartisan Policy, Brookings, and the C. Boyden Gray Center.


Rulemaking from OMB, CEQ, FHA, FCC.

Opinions from Bruce Yandle, Robert Samuelson, Carrie Wade, Lori Lustrin, Phil Gramm, Mick Mulvaney, Rep. Mark DeSaulnier.

Research and events from AAF, Tech Policy Institute, and The Regulatory Review.


Rulemaking from FAA, DOT, FRA, and FCC.

Opinions from Susan Dudley, Philip Wallach, James Broughel, Cass Sunstein, Michael Van Beek, and Kara Swisher.

Research and events from ACUS, Yale JREG, and WLF.


Rulemaking from FHFA, USDA, DOE, EPA, and DOL.

Opinions from Bridget Dooling, Mene Ukueberuwa, Brad Templeton, Aimee Tariq, and Eric Savitz.

Research and events from Cato, CAP, CPR, and CEI.


Rulemaking from USDA, DOT, EPA, and ED.

Opinions from Roslyn Layton, Cass Sunstein, Ana Parras, Robert Verbruggen, and Joseph Stiglitz.

Research and events from EPI, FedSoc, and GAO.


Rulemaking fro IRS, EPA, Commerce, FDA, and FDIC.

Opinions from Bridget Dooling, Tim Berners-Lee, John Stoll, Richard Revesz, and Polina Evstifeeva.

Research and events from Free State Foundation, Heritage, and the Institute for Policy Integrity.


Rulemaking from CMS, DOE, DHS, and SSA.

Opinions from Heath Tarbert, Carl Icahn, Rana Foroohar, Steven Greenhut, and Susan Aaronson.

Research and events from Mercatus, NBER, Reason, and R Street.


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The Regulatory Studies Center Update

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This update includes an announcement about our 10th anniversary at GW, #RegStudies10!

We feature research from our scholars published by Brookings, the Public Administration Review, and the Review of Austrian Economics journal.

There is also a working paper by Chris Carrigan, Jerry Ellig, and Zhoudan Xie, as well as Mark Febrizio and Susan Dudley's Regualtors' Budget report with Melinda Warren from the Weidenbaum Center.

Plus various commentaries, op-eds, and quotes in popular media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The Hill, Bloomberg, Forbes, Government Executive, Law 360, and Health Affairs.

Previous editions:


Working papers, public interest comments, and Congressional testimony by Jerry Ellig, Bridget Dooling, Brian Mannix, Susan Dudley, and Joseph Cordes.

Plus five articles posted by the Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis convened by the GW Regulatory Studies Center, and scholarly quotes in the Wall Street Journal, Federal News Network, Associated Press, and Bloomberg.


Congressional testimony from Susan Dudley, and public interest comments submitted to the IRS, FDA, DOE, and EPA.

This update also includes our USDA report analyzing the relationship between regulatory form and agricultural productivity, and op-eds in the Washington Post, The Hill, and Forbes.


A series of essays, Adapting Policy Analysis for Uncertain Futures, on cyber attacks, nuclear war, and machine learning.

Plus Congressional testimony, an FCC report, and popular media hits from Real Clear Policy, Bloomberg, Forbes, and Government Executive.


This update includes research on privacy regulations, benefit-cost analysis, and regulatory science.

Plus a review of the top developments in regulatory policy for 2018, and scholarly quotes in Federal News Network, Business Journal, E&E News, Reuters, and Bloomberg.