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Delivering the Goods | Hosted by the GW Regulatory Studies Center

We commemorate the 40th anniversary of surface freight deregulation with three panel discussions featuring first-hand accounts from individuals involved in the reforms and assessment from scholars who studied their effects.

Effect of Deregulation on Labor Markets  October 27, 2020 | By: James Peoples

The rail and trucking deregulation forty years ago influenced their respective labor markets in important but different ways.

A Regulatory Rush by Federal Agencies to Secure Trump’s Legacy | The New York Times quotes Susan E. Dudley | October 16, 2020

“Two main hallmarks of a good regulation is sound analysis to support the alternatives chosen and extensive public comment to get broader opinion. It is a concern if you are bypassing both of those.”

Biometrics and Immigration | October 14, 2020 | By: Mark Febrizio & Daniel R. Pérez

Should DHS expand its use and collection of this information?

The Effects of GDPR on the Digital Economy: Evidence from the Literature | October 8, 2020 | By: Aryamala Prasad & Daniel R. Pérez

GDPR has strengthened individual rights to data protection, but it also introduced significant obligations for businesses.

A Model for Bipartisan Cooperation | October 7, 2020 | By: Jerry Ellig

The Motor Carrier Act and Staggers Rail Act and are noteworthy for three reasons. Dr. Ellig considers each in turn with hopes that we can make such cooperation happen again.

Reflections on the EPA at 50 | October 1, 2020 | By: Brian F. Mannix

The other debate at Case Western Reserve University...

Are the Trump Administration's Environmental Rollbacks Built to Last?Audubon Magazine quotes Bridget C.E. Dooling | Fall 2020

“A whole generation of staffers has been reminded that this thing exists. They’ve seen the power of it.”

FY 2021 Regulators' Budget: A Podcast | September 24, 2020 | By: Mark Febrizio & Bryce Chinault

What is the Regulators' Budget? What are the agency budget trends of the Trump administration? Febrizio discusses this and much more from a recent report.

Regulations Teed Up at the DEA | September 23, 2020 | By: Laura Stanley

Several of the regulations are long-awaited actions that seek to address the ongoing opioid epidemic.



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USDA Reports

The GW Regulatory Studies Center's cooperative agreements with the US Department of Agriculture analyze agricultural regulations in a series of reports.

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Congressional Review Act

Whether you think the policy is vital to democratic governance or an improper check on agency actions, we have the details and analysis you're looking for!

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Cass R. Sunstein

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