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Cass R. Sunstein

Robert Walmsley University Professor, Harvard Law School
Former OIRA Administrator under President Obama

"The GW Regulatory Studies Center has done phenomenal work in cataloguing and analyzing reforms in regulatory policy...[it is] a national treasure."


The GW Regulatory Studies Center seeks to improve regulatory policy through research, education and outreach.
The Center is a leading source for applied scholarship in regulatory issues, and a training ground for anyone who wants to understand the effects of regulation and ensure that regulatory policies are designed in the public interest. The Center receives support from governments, foundations, companies, and individuals. 



Our Latest Publications

Telemedicine & Initiating Buprenorphine Treatment

Federal regulators dramatically reduced the barriers to using telemedicine to treat opioid use disorder in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. Public health experts have long argued that health care practitioners can provide high-quality treatment for opioid use disorder via telemedicine.

Regulatory Sentiment and Uncertainty under the Trump Administration

Using newspaper text, Zhoudan Xie tracks sentiment and uncertainty about regulation and discusses how they changed during administrations.

A Last-Minute Attempt to Partially X the X Waiver

The Biden administration changed course at HHS and decided not to publish guidelines for buprenorphine prescriptions to treat opioid use disorder due to “legal and clinical concerns.”

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Shawne McGibbon

General Counsel, ACUS
Graduate of GW Law

"The GW Regulatory Studies Center gives students hands on experience that I craved when I was in school. Programs like this are simply invaluable."



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"Your input and expertise during the drafting of the Early Participation in Regulations Act of 2019 and SMART Act of 2019 was invaluable."

Joint Statement

Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ)
Senator James Lankford (R-OK)

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GW Alum

"The GW Regulatory Studies Center provided me with the analytical skills I needed, and gave me a sense of community as an international student." - Ana Maria Zárate Moreno

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GW Faculty

"It is rare to find a situation where you have a community of scholars who are so accomplished all studying regulation in one place." - Christopher Carrigan

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Policy Practitioners

"The GW Regulatory Studies Center is well known among administrative practitioners in Washington, D.C. as a group that concentrates on the merits." - John Cooney

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Popular Media

"To make my stories authoritative I like to talk to analysts who have practical knowledge of regulatory policy, and that's why I keep returning to the GW Regulatory Studies Center." - Cheryl Bolen