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What is the Congressional Review Act?

Congressional Review Act

The CRA allows Congress to disapprove regulations issued by agencies and contains a lookback provision which, according to the 2020 House calendar, may put any rules issued by the Trump administration after May 19, 2020 in jeopardy.

Chart of cumulative economically significant regulations by month within administrations.

Midnight Rulemaking

The final months of an outgoing presidential administration typically generate a significant amount of regulatory activity. This increased regulatory activity during the “midnight” period has been documented in every presidential transition since the Carter administration.

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Regulation in the Biden Administration | By: Richard J. Pierce, Jr. | November 18, 2020

GW Law professor Richard Pierce discusses what to expect, and what not to expect, in regulatory policymaking during the Biden-Harris administration.

Milestones in the Evolution of the Administrative State | By: Susan Dudley | November 18, 2020

Dudley lays out the key developments in regulatory policy, and offers where she thinks we will go from here in this working paper forthcoming in Dædalus.

The Pen and the Phone in Transition | By: Susan Dudley in Forbes | November 17, 2020

Without a Democratic majority in the Senate, President-elect Biden may not be able to achieve policy goals through legislation, but, as long as he has a pen, he can accomplish a lot with presidential directives.

Roadmap to a Regulatory Reset | By: Susan Dudley in Forbes | November 5, 2020

While we don’t know the outcome of Tuesday’s election, the Biden team must be considering their options for reversing Trump regulatory actions if they win the White House. Here’s a roadmap to a regulatory reset.

DHS's Affidavit of Support on Behalf of Immigrants | By: Mark Febrizio | November 4, 2020

As crafted, the benefits of DHS’s NPRM are not likely to justify its costs.

Regulatory Impact Analysis in Brazil | By: Hamilton Cota Cruz | November 4, 2020

Hamilton is a GW Trachtenberg School alum who used his degree with a concentration in regulatory policy to help implement a significant policy change in Brazil.

Just how big a deal is this year's economics Nobel? | By: Jerry Ellig in The Hill | November 2, 2020

Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson received the 2020 Nobel prize in economics for their work on auction theory, which the FCC utilized to design groundbreaking auctions of wireless spectrum.

Delivering the Goods | Hosted by the GW Regulatory Studies Center

We commemorate the 40th anniversary of surface freight deregulation with three panel discussions featuring first-hand accounts from individuals involved in the reforms and assessment from scholars who studied their effects.

Sophisticated Economics for Complex Regulatory Reform | By: Gerald W. Brock | October 28, 2020

Jerry Brock reflects on Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson's Nobel Prize in economic science, and the broad implications of FCC broadband spectrum auctions.

Nobel Prize and FCC Spectrum Auctions | October 28, 2020 | Podcast

Jerry Ellig interviews FCC senior economic advisor Evan Kwerel about FCC broadband spectrum auctions in light of Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson's Nobel Prize.



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Congressional testimony and public interest comments to federal agencies by Center scholars.

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