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The GW Regulatory Studies Center scholars regularly conduct applied research to understand regulatory policy and practice from a public interest perspective. Our content often takes the form of public interest comments, formal testimony, working papers, policy insights, and short commentaries analyzing the most pressing issues in regulatory policy. View the rest of our material by the different types of publications listed on this page or our research areas.


What We Publish

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Public Comments & Testimonies

Scholarly analysis of the potential effects of particular rulemakings from federal agencies, and advice to Congress on how to improve the rulemaking process.

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Commentaries & Insights

Short-form publications intended for all audiences which provide easy to access analysis of regulatory policy.

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Books & Reports

Formal publications, often completed with other leading organizations and individuals, providing a thorough understanding of regulations and the rulemaking process.

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The weekly Regulation Digest contains everything you need to know about regulatory policy today, and our monthly Center Update gives you all of the latest from our team.


Latest Publications 

In the Shadow of China

April 28, 2022
How is the notice and comment process being implemented in Hong Kong and Taiwan during a time of assertive authoritarianism in Greater China?

Possibilities and Perils of Deepfake Technology

April 06, 2022
In the first of a planned series discussing deepfake regulation, this post summarizes some of the most significant costs and benefits of the technology.

Responding to Mass, Computer-Generated, and Malattributed Comments

April 01, 2022
We examine whether and to what extent such submissions are problematic and make recommendations for how rulemaking agencies should respond as a matter of law, policy, and technology.

Memos to the New OIRA Administrator

March 23, 2022
Regulatory humility sees the value of OIRA's original mission to ensure proposed regulations rationally pursue the good of the American people.

Supervising the Guantanamo Tribunal Supervisor after Arthrex

March 22, 2022
While this issue is of obvious interest to the national security community, it is also worthy of attention from administrative law scholars.