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The GW Regulatory Studies Center scholars regularly conduct applied research to understand regulatory policy and practice from a public interest perspective. Our content often takes the form of public interest comments, formal testimony, working papers, policy insights, and short commentaries analyzing the most pressing issues in regulatory policy. View the rest of our material by the different types of publications listed on this page or our research areas.


What We Publish

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Public Comments & Testimonies

Scholarly analysis of the potential effects of particular rulemakings from federal agencies, and advice to Congress on how to improve the rulemaking process.

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Commentaries & Insights

Short-form publications intended for all audiences which provide easy to access analysis of regulatory policy.

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Books & Reports

Formal publications, often completed with other leading organizations and individuals, providing a thorough understanding of regulations and the rulemaking process.

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The weekly Regulation Digest contains everything you need to know about regulatory policy today, and our monthly Center Update gives you all of the latest from our team.


Latest Publications 

National Environmental Policy Act Implementing Regulations

November 22, 2021
CEQ is proposing these changes to restore regulatory provisions that existed before the Trump administration modified them in 2020.

"We recently witnessed a small but welcome step toward bipartisanship."

November 15, 2021
Susan Dudley and Sally Katzen's op-ed in Real Clear Policy highlights bipartisan reform efforts to improve regulatory policy.

Increasing Early, Transparent Consideration of Regulatory Alternatives

November 10, 2021
Agencies can do more to disclose input on regulatory alternatives during notice-and-comment processes.

ACUS Publishes Draft Recommendations to Improve the Congressional Review Act

November 09, 2021
A recently-issued draft report for ACUS is an excellent primer on the details of regulatory agency and congressional staff implementation of the CRA.

Extending Pandemic Flexibilities for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

November 02, 2021
This Minnesota Law Review article evaluates two specific flexibilities granted during the COVID-19 pandemic that made it easier for patients to access buprenorphine and methadone.