Journal Articles & Working Papers

These documents are the apex of the Center's academic research.  Our working papers are authored with the intention of publishing them in peer-reviewed journals at a later date, and our journal articles are setting the standard in their academic disciplines.

The Durability of Governance Reform: A Two-Wave Audit of Notice and Comment Policymaking in China

Audits of the notice and comment rulemaking process in China show that as reforms are implemented, they can be sustained over time.

Beyond Republicans and the Disapproval of Regulations

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Congressional Review Act has been used by both U.S. political parties to nullify regulations

Rulemaking by Contract

Building on a survey of agency rulemaking contacts and interviews, this empirical study provides a comprehensive account of contractors’ roles in rulemaking.

Transparency, Participation, and Responsiveness in Hong Kong Consultative Policymaking

Examining the notice and comment practice in Hong Kong, analyzing hundreds of consultations conducted over a 25-year period

Regulatory Body Shops

Contractors fulfill many more functions in the rulemaking process than is commonly understood, with important implications for legality and public interest.

Notice the Comment?

An examination of 1,000+ instances of notice and comment policymaking by government in China at the central, provincial, and municipal levels.

Reorganization of Economists at the FCC

Key decisions of the FCC’s reorganization of its economists and lessons for managing specialists in a large and complex organization

The Durability of Governance Reform

The notice and comment process, in which government organizations make public draft laws and regulations and solicit feedback on these proposals, is a prominent governance reform in contemporary China.

Responding to Mass, Computer-Generated, and Malattributed Comments

A number of technological and political forces have transformed the once staid and insider dominated notice-and-comment process into a forum for large scale, sometimes messy, participation in regulatory decision making.

Diffusion or Abandonment?

The notice and comment process is a prominent governance reform in contemporary China.