Bespoke Regulatory Review

Webinar hosted by the Harvard Kennedy School
Thu, 4 March, 2021 12:00pm

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Bespoke Regulatory Review

Read Bridget's journal article in The Ohio State Law Journal

  • This seminar was given by Bridget Dooling, Research Professor with the GW Regulatory Studies Center at George Washington University and is part of the Regulatory Policy Program's weekly webinar series.
  • The Regulatory Policy Program serves as a catalyst and clearinghouse for the study of regulation across Harvard University. The program's objectives are to cross-pollinate research, spark new lines of inquiry, and increase the connection between theory and practice. Through seminars and symposia, working papers, and new media, RPP explores themes that cut across regulation in its various domains: market failures and the public policy case for government regulation; the efficacy and efficiency of various regulatory instruments; and the most effective ways to foster transparent and participatory regulatory processes.

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