CPSC Hearing on Safety Standard Addressing Blade-Contact Injuries on Table Saws

August 10, 2017

Sofie E. Miller
Jacob Yarborough

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Thank you to the Commission for the opportunity to present on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC’s) proposed performance standards for table saws. We are Sofie E. Miller and Jacob Yarborough of the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center.

The Regulatory Studies Center is a non-partisan academic research center focused on improving regulatory policy through research, education, and outreach. The Center is a leading source for applied scholarship on regulatory issues, and provides analyses to the public and regulatory agencies to inform and improve regulatory outcomes. Our remarks today represent only our own views, and do not represent an official position of the Center.

In our time before the Commission we will be discussing three components of the proposed rule for table saws:

  1. the lack of a clear market failure
  2. the effects of the standard on competition
  3. the uncertainty of the benefits that the Commission expects to result from its standard.