Handbook of Regulatory Authorities

The Handbook of Regulatory Authorities from Edward Elgar Publishing, edited by Maggetti, Di Mascio & Natalini. This comprehensive and interdisciplinary international Handbook includes chapters by RSC’s Christopher Carrigan, Susan Dudley, Jerry Ellig, Mark Febrizio, and others examining the fundamental concepts, theories, practices, and empirical achievements and challenges in the contemporary study of regulatory authorities. The Handbook is a valuable resource for academics, policy analysts, practitioners, and policymakers working in the regulatory field.



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"Regulatory authorities are as important as they are misunderstood. This volume is essential reading for scholars and practitioners interested in how these organizations operate and how they shape public policy."

Anthony Bertelli, Penn State University



"This innovative collection offers a most rewarding mapping, analysis and theorization of regulation as a mature field of scholarship and policy practice with focal points on the organizational life and functions of increasingly ubiquitous regulators and their relationships to important organizational actors and the wider complex environments they must manage. The book constitutes an invaluable resource and source of new insights for scholars and advanced policy practitioners and students."

Colin Scott, University College Dublin