Joe Cordes

Joseph Cordes

Co-director; Professor of Economics, Public Policy and Public Administration, and International Affairs
Phone: 202-994-5826
[email protected]

Professor Cordes is a nationally-recognized scholar on the measurement of benefits and costs of government programs.  He has developed and taught a one semester course on benefit cost analysis and has directed several PhD dissertations and over 100 level graduate student projects involving the application of benefit cost analysis to wide range of public and nonprofit sector programs, including government regulations.  He has also received research grants from the Department of Homeland Security on measuring costs of homeland security regulations. He is a founding member of the board of directors of the Society for Benefit Cost Analysis. Professor Cordes earned a BA (Economics) from Stanford University, and a PhD (Economics) from the University of Wisconsin Madison.

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Recent Research

Measuring Costs and Benefits of Privacy Controls: Conceptual Issues and Empirical Estimates, by Joseph J. Cordes & Daniel R. Pérez, November 6, 2017

Consumer’s Guide to Regulatory Impact Analysis: Ten Tips for Being an Informed Policymaker, in the Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, by Susan Dudley, Richard Belzer, Glenn Blomquist, Timothy Brennan, Christopher Carrigan, Joseph Cordes, Louis A. Cox, Arthur Fraas, John Graham, George Gray, James Hammitt, Kerry Krutilla, Peter Linquiti, Randall Lutter, Brian Mannix, Stuart Shapiro, Anne Smith, W. Kip Viscusi & Richard Zerbe, August 2, 2017

Joseph Cordes & Blake Taylor, “The CPSC’s Off-Road Adventure.” Regulation Magazine, Spring 2015.