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Structural Challenges Loom for Biden’s Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

Biden’s Executive Order 14110 envisions a whole-of-government response to mitigating AI risks. As agencies work on implementation, several challenges lay ahead.

Congressionally Reviewed: A New Pattern in CRA Vetoes

President Biden has vetoed more CRA resolutions of disapproval than all other presidents, combined

Does the Constitution Require Agencies to Use Biased Judges?

The Supreme Court should uphold longstanding legislation protecting the neutrality of administrative law judges.

Looking Back at 30 Years of Executive Order 12866

Slide show highlights from the Center's extensive coverage of Regulatory Review provisions

Comment on FTC-DOJ Draft Merger Guidelines

The proper goal of merger enforcement policy is to prevent only those mergers that seem likely to reduce the welfare of consumers

Is Communications-Company Ownership of Video Content a Threat to Competition?

Evidence from the financial markets that carrier integration into video production has not redounded to the benefit of these companies’ stockholders

Letter to OIRA Administrator on Circular A4

Former SBCA presidents emphasize the importance of best practices for discounting and distributional impacts for making the new OMB Circular a durable guide

Draft Circular A4 Peer Review Comments: Joseph Cordes

As a peer reviewer selected by Office of Management and Budget, Joseph Cordes evaluated Draft Circular A-4: Guidance on regulatory analysis

Understanding the Call for an AM Radio Mandate

Would regulatory action to mandate AM radios in electronic vehicles be in the public interest?

What’s Your Problem? Building an Evidence-Based System of Regulatory Analysis from the Bottom-Up

If regulatory intervention is truly necessary, must it occur at the federal, as opposed to the state or local, level?