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SAMHSA Proposed Rule on Medications for the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder

Public interest comment submitted in response to SAMHSA proposal to extend COVID-19 pandemic era flexibilities for accessing treatments for opioid use disorder

Rulemaking by Contract

Building on a survey of agency rulemaking contacts and interviews, this empirical study provides a comprehensive account of contractors’ roles in rulemaking.

Transparency, Participation, and Responsiveness in Hong Kong Consultative Policymaking

Examining the notice and comment practice in Hong Kong, analyzing hundreds of consultations conducted over a 25-year period

Regulatory Body Shops

Contractors fulfill many more functions in the rulemaking process than is commonly understood, with important implications for legality and public interest.

The Strange Case of United States v. Google

Google represents 29% of the market for online advertising. Does this amount to monopolization?

2022 Regulatory Year In Review

Top ten trends in federal agency actions for 2022

Timeline for OIRA Nominees in New Administrations

How long has it taken in the past for incoming presidents to confirm their OIRA administrator?

Will ChatGPT Break Notice and Comment for Regulations?

A new AI tool is making waves and could have an impact on public commenting at regulatory agencies

Biden’s Fall 2022 Unified Agenda

Specific agency actions reflect the Biden administration’s priorities on advancing equity, tackling the climate crisis, and a wide variety of policy areas.

ABA Recognizes Laura Stanley with Student Essay Award

Former Senior Policy Analyst Laura Stanley receives ABA award for best student essay in administrative law