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Academic books and long-term research projects published by Center scholars that advance the overall knowledge of various aspects of regulatory processes and policies.

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Jerry Ellig on Dynamic Competition and Rational Regulation

A compilation of the works of the late Jerry Ellig, highlighting a legacy rooted in rational regulation driven by benefit-cost analysis societal benefit.

Handbook of Regulatory Authorities

This comprehensive and interdisciplinary international Handbook examines the fundamental concepts, theories, practices, and empirical achievements and challenges in the contemporary study of regulatory authorities.

Regulatory Compliance Burdens

A review of available literature on potential economic impacts of reducing regulatory compliance burdens on business.

Agriculture and Regulation

The GW Regulatory Studies Center's cooperative agreement with the US Department of Agriculture to analyze agricultural regulations.

ABA AdLaw Section Book

Since 2018, Regulatory Studies Center scholars have co-authored the Rulemaking chapter of "Developments in Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice," an annual publication of the American Bar Association.

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Regulatory Subsidies: A Primer

Subsidies are a commonplace feature of government programs, and can be found in regulatory programs as well as in budget expenditures and in the tax code. An accurate accounting of regulatory subsidies, accessible to the general public, could improve government regulation by helping to ensure that such subsidies are used only when, and to the degree that, they serve a sound public purpose.

Legal Issues in e-Rulemaking

Since the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) was enacted in 1946, the technological landscape has changed dramatically, while the basic framework for notice and comment rulemaking has largely gone unchanged. Federal regulators, looking to embrace the benefits of e-Rulemaking, face considerable ambiguity about how established legal requirements apply to the web.