Commentaries & Insights

Our Commentaries and Insights are short-form publications intended to distill long-form research and synthesize current policymaking activity into easily understood concepts.

Quantifying the Effects of Humane Society v. Department of Agriculture

This article uses data from two presidential transitions to quantify the number and types of public inspection documents that were withdrawn.

Avoiding Unduly Concentrated Clean Energy Markets

The IRS will need help to avoid unintended adverse effects in implementing the Inflation Reduction Act’s clean energy provisions.

What a Confirmation Hearing Might Reveal

Senate confirmation hearings represent an important check on presidential power: Know what to look for as the hearing unfolds.

Red Tape Literature in Public Administration

This Insight reviews an extensive public administration literature on the subject of “red tape.”

Agile Regulation for Auto Safety and Innovation

The automotive regulatory system designed decades ago offers an example of agile governance that can support both safety and innovation as technology evolves

The Trend and Fluctuations in News Attention to Regulation

Regulation has been drawing increasing media coverage in recent years alongside important regulatory developments and historical events.

Policymaking through Adjudication: DEA’s Red Flags

DEA's red flags policy has made some pharmacies reluctant to fill prescriptions for buprenorphine, a drug that can help tackle the opioid crisis.

Court Decision Extends the Period for Issuing Midnight Rules

A court decision found that agencies cannot withdraw a final rule that has appeared in the Federal Register for public inspection without notice and comment.

Factors Contributing to the Infant Formula Shortage

To reduce the risk of infant formula shortages in the future, the government should eliminate the barriers to entry under its control.

Nostalgia for Agency Expertise

Calls for more deference to agency expertise derive from an unrealistic view of executive policymaking.