Commentaries & Insights

Our Commentaries and Insights are short-form publications intended to distill long-form research and synthesize current policymaking activity into easily understood concepts.

How to Engage the Public: OIRA's New Guidance to Agencies

OIRA published new public participation guidance for federal agencies, offering an important new framework for engaging the public in the regulatory process.

Care to Comment? Topics Discussed in Revised Circular A4 Public Comments

Overview of our analysis of the nearly 4,500 public comments received by OMB on its proposed revisions to Circular A-4 guidance on cost-benefit analysis

Biden’s Spring 2023 Unified Agenda

The new agenda largely follows the administration's previous iterations, but it does signal the initiation of rulemakings in several new areas

Circular A-4: A Comparison between the 2023 Draft and the 2003 Circular

Descriptive discussion of major changes in the 2023 Draft compared to the 2003 version

Regulating Junk Fees May Harm Consumers

Attempts to eliminate junk fees may harm rather than help both consumers and businesses.

Adding Public Engagement Upstream

Improving public participation in the rulemaking process by broadening engagement and expanding proactive outreach

Circular Reasoning?

Evaluating the Draft Circular A-4 which guides regulatory impact analysis across federal agencies

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

HUD’s proposed Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule should commit to retrospective review and to providing technical support to program participants

Robotic Rulemaking

How might generative AI intersect with rulemaking?

Modernizing Regulatory Review Actions

The White House has announced substantive changes to federal regulatory practices